Ujjain Engineering College, Ujjain's AAYAM is the sprit of the heitage and is the perfect combination of the technical brain and diplomat words. With the taste of twisting drama and the dose of entertainment. A segment of primisies and collaboration of the tricks to cracks down the lights of values. This AAYAM is the ignited fire that spreads out its wings for a bright and happening environment for the student and college campus!!!!!


  • Marathon
    A footstep to take the responsibility of being an engineer and derive the maturity towards the path chosen!!! An ignition...
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  • Sports
    A combact with the abilities and eligibilities. Check your essence in the test of manpower and physical hardwork!! Come on, push your boots and get on the field..
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  • Cultural Culprits
    Submit yourself with the attributes of music and mind. A cheers for the arists of both, literary and dramatics!!! Take up your dresses and design the plot, stage is all set and waiting for you......
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  • Tech-O-Mania
    Brain is what the master performs like!!! Show your mind gestures and submit the breath taking experiences. Call proudly that yes, I bear a technical background....
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  • Fun-Fiesta
    Ahhh... so thrilling were the notes, now need to relax. Get your pumped up harmones to some enjoing elements!! Create a festival of happiness and cheers....
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Guiding Hand

The Primary Aim Of This Event Is To Combine Information With Entertainment. Cultural Activities like tapping yourself to a good beat? Like expressing yourself? Then you already know you will enjoy the cultural events that make aayam what it is!Over the years,we've built some of the best events for showcasing your cultural talents. It doesn't matter what kind of storage you are used to, theatre? Or Used to perform in band?Or singing solo ? Or may be like do da cha cha? The Fest Usually Kicks Off With The Treasure Hunt, Followed By Falling Into Various Categories Like Arts, Music, And Literature And Cultural Night.Fix your part in the fest and together let's aim for brighter perspective...!